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Management Team
Upsolar brings together a highly experienced group of executives to deliver top-of-the-line solar modules and unmatched services to our valued customers around the world. With decades of expertise in R&D, manufacturing, business and finance, our leadership team is just another example of Upsolar’s commitment to quality.
Zhe Jiang: Chief Executive Officer (Nationality: French)

Experience: CEO Zhe Jiang has more than a decade of experience in the renewable energy industry. Prior to founding Upsolar in 2006, Jiang served as Group Controller at EDF (Életricité de France) Energies Nouvelles, Europe's largest developer of renewable energy facilities, where he oversaw EDF-EN’s acquisition of enXco, Inc. Under Jiang's leadership, Upsolar has grown from a VC-backed startup to a multinational corporation with a presence in more than 20 countries. He received a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration from Tongji University of China and a Master of Economics from Reims Management School of France.

Alan WENG: Chief Financial Officer (Nationality: American)

Education: Master of Business Administration from Marshall School of Business, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, USA
Experience: Alan Weng came to Upsolar with 12 years of leadership experience. Prior to joining Upsolar, Alan was Head of Group Internal Audits at WX PharmaTech (Cayman) Inc., a New York Stock Exchange listed company. He has worked for several well-known multinational corporations including FedEx Express, PWC, Ciba Vision and Deloitte Touche. Mr. Weng is a key member of Upsolar's executive team and participates in overall corporate strategic planning. His extensive expertise in Corporate Finance, Risk Management, External/Internal Audit, ERP Maintenance, and people management is instrumental in guiding Upsolar’s continuous development plans. Mr. Weng’s responsibility is to direct and oversee all financial activities of Upsolar group, which requires leadership and coordination of Upsolar’s administrative, business planning, accounting and budgeting efforts.

Ann Wang: Chief Financial Officer (Nationality: Chinese)

Experience: CFO Ann Wang came to Upsolar with 14 years of experience in corporate accounting, financial investment and internal management and control. Prior to her current role, Wang served as CFO and Board Secretary of a leading public IC assembling and testing company. She also successfully led an initial public offering and a follow-on offering, gaining a rich expertise in Board of Directors relations, investor relations and international financial leadership. At Upsolar, Ann will be involved in operation strategy and accounting management. Wang received her Master of Economics from the Shanxi Institute of Finance and Economics.

Eric Liu: Group Deputy General Manager (Nationality: Chinese)

Experience: Eric Liu is an operations and management veteran. Liu came to Upsolar from Carrier Corporation, where he worked in sales and key account management. In 2009, Liu joined Upsolar as Head of Sales and Assistant to the CEO. During his time at Upsolar he has supported with the increase of annual shipments by more than 100 percent and led group operations, planning and process organization and logistics management as Operations Director. In his current role as Group Deputy General Manager, Liu develops power plants and O&M services in China and overseas. Liu received a Master of Science in Information Processing from York University in York, United Kingdom.

Stephane Dufrenne: Chief Technology Officer, President of Upsolar America (Nationality: French)

Experience: Stephane Dufrenne has more than a decade of experience in the semiconductor industry, including work with Philips & NXP Semiconductors, and brings to Upsolar his valuable knowledge to further optimize the performance of the company’s manufacturing platforms. Based in Singapore for six years, and in China for three, Dufrenne now supervises all Upsolar Group technical functions including quality systems, customer support, certifications, R&D center management, new product development and system application development at Upsolar’s office in Shanghai. Dufrenne received his Masters in Engineering from Supélec in Paris, France.

Roger Lu: General Manager of Upsolar Applied Material Co. Ltd and Upsolar Silicon Material Co. Ltd (Nationality: Chinese)

Experience: Roger Lu joined Upsolar in 2006, after serving as purchasing director for a large Chinese stated-owned enterprise and listed company. He currently focuses on global procurement and has extensive experience in team management. As the General Manager of Upsolar Applied Material Co., Ltd. and Upsolar Silicon Material Co., Ltd., Mr. Lu is responsible for the centralized procurement of applied materials and the management of the silicon materials supply chain for the Upsolar Group. Lu received his Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics from Shanghai University in Shanghai, China

Enrico Carniato: Group Deputy General Manager – Global Investment and Business Development (Nationality: Italian)

Experience: Enrico Carniato serves as Upsolar's Group Deputy General Manager of Global Investment and Business Development, where he generates financing and new business channels for the company. Since 2012, he has led the company's investment fund, an external financing resource and platform. Prior to his current role, Carniato served as Italy Country Manager and European Sales Director, where he strengthened Upsolar's presence and customer base in Europe. Carniato came to Upsolar with nearly 10 years of experience in sales and marketing in the garment and fashion industry Carniato received a Bachelor International Degree in Trade from Ca' Foscari University in Venice, Italy, and a degree in Electrotechnical studies at Max Planck Indusrial Technical Institute, Italy.

Noémie Bourdin: Director of Marketing and Branding (Nationality: French)

Experience: Noémie Bourdin brings to Upsolar a wealth of experience in driving marketing endeavors for the solar industry. Before joining the company as Marketing Manager in 2009, Ms. Bourdin spent several years with Trina Solar, where she held the position of Marketing Specialist. In 2012, Ms. Bourdin was elevated to her current role of Marketing and Branding Director, where she oversees the strategic development and execution of Upsolar’s branding initiatives and global marketing campaigns. Bourdin received her Masters in Asian Languages Applied to Business and Marketing from the Michel de Montaigne School at the University of Bordeaux in Bordeaux, France.

Sebastien Prioux: Group Deputy General Manager – European Sales and Project Development (Nationality: French)

Experience: Sebastien Prioux is Upsolar's Group Deputy General Manager for European Sales and Project Development. Drawing on an extensive background in sales management, process organization and logistic system management, Prioux leads Upsolar's European Sales Team and Project Development Division, which has built more than 12MW of PV to date. Prior to his current position, Prioux served as Upsolar's Key Account Sales in Europe, and as Project Development Director, where he managed and an extensive pipeline of PV projects. Prioux began his career as a sales engineer at Cofely GDF SUEZ, a European leader in energy and environmental efficiency. Prioux holds a Master of Science in Engineering and Environmental Management from Ecole Nationale Superieure des Mines de Paris.