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About Us

Upsolar is a leading international developer and producer of high quality solar photovoltaic (PV) modules at competitive prices.

Upsolar develops and produces solar photovoltaic (PV) modules featuring the best quality-to-cost ratio on the market, ensuring secure long-term investments for our customers around the world. By utilizing top-tier module components and working alongside the industry’s premier providers of balance of systems solutions, Upsolar is able to stay ahead of the demand curve and offer innovative, tailored PV technologies to meet customers' varying performance and aesthetic needs.

A commitment to product R&D, coupled with flexible manufacturing platforms, enables Upsolar to ensure top-tier module performance and reliability while maintaining an asset light approach to our business. With offices across Europe, Asia, Australia and the Americas, Upsolar’s expert team is deeply entrenched in both established and emerging PV markets to accelerate global solar energy adoption.

All Upsolar products are backed by industry-leading product and performance guarantees to ensure superior performance over the lifetime of each system.

Excellence At Each Step

Upsolar's high quality standards and continuous innovation is what sets us apart from the pack. We strive to align our company with strong partners from across the solar value chain to provide our customers with the performance they need and the ROI they deserve. By adhering to the principle of "Excellence at Each Step," we deliver modules with the best quality-to-cost ratio on the market.

Continuous R&D



At our Test and Development Center in Shanghai, Upsolar's expert technical team conducts rigorous testing on our products to guarantee maximum performance and durability.

Exceptional Partnerships for: Quality Materials



Upsolar selects only the finest materials for our modules, secured through supply partnerships with the industry's leading components providers.

Flexible Production



We partner with experienced manufacturing platforms in Asia, North America and Europe, allowing Upsolar to easily scale output in response to global demand and implement the latest system-enhancing technologies as they come to market. Upsolar's manufacturing capabilities have increased rapidly since our founding in 2006.

Quality Control



Upsolar's quality assurance staff works alongside our production partners to ensure the company's high standards are achieved at each stage of the manufacturing process. Supported by grade-A equipment, experienced workers and efficient manufacturing processes, our unyielding commitment to quality helps make Upsolar one of the most secure PV investments on the market.

History and Milestones

Since Upsolar was founded in 2006, the company has established itself as a provider of top-tier PV technologies and services. Although our roots will always be in module production--1.5 GW shipped, and counting!--we've dedicated our business to delivering innovative, tailored solutions to customers on five continents. From project development and financing to operations and maintenance, our offerings have evolved to better support the diverse needs of the global solar market. Take a look at how we've grown through the years.


575.7 MW shipped
Monocrystalline efficiency: 20.9%
Polycrystalline efficiency: 18.0%
Year: Certificates and manufacture full portfolio of 158.75mm and 166mm 


512 MW shipped
Monocrystalline efficiency: 19.5%
Polycrystalline efficiency: 17.8%
Boomed solar plants development in Greece 


343 MW shipped
Monocrystalline efficiency: 19.2%
Polycrystalline efficiency: 17.5%
Scaled project installation in Turkey, No.1 sales of market


328 MW shipped
Monocrystalline efficiency: 17.5%
Polycrystalline efficiency: 17.2%

December: Awarded the largest solar PV project in Turkey (18MW)


320 MW shipped
Monocrystalline efficiency: 17.2%
Polycrystalline efficiency: 16.9%

November: Installation of world’s largest floating solar test-bed in Singapore


259 MW shipped
Monocrystalline efficiency: 16.9%
Polycrystalline efficiency: 16.6%
April: Upsolar launches self-consumption solar kits
Year: Expansion into the Americas, Africa, India, and the Middle East

239 MW shipped
Monocrystalline efficiency: 16.6%
Polycrystalline efficiency: 16.0%
March: Office opens in Singapore
October: Energy Freedom Loan Launched in US

221 MW shipped
Monocrystalline efficiency: 16.4%
Polycrystalline efficiency: 16.0%
March: Office opens in Australia
October: Office opens in Turkey

226 MW shipped
Monocrystalline efficiency: 16.0%
Polycrystalline efficiency: 15.5%
April: Upsolar launches PV testing and consultation services

248 MW shipped
Monocrystalline efficiency: 15.6%
Polycrystalline efficiency: 15.1%
January: Module life cycle assessment study completed
July: Upsolar UK is founded

168 MW shipped
Monocrystalline efficiency: 15.2%
Polycrystalline efficiency: 14.7%
February: Upsolar Germany GmbH is founded
October: Upsolar Italia Srl is founded
August: Upsolar Japan K.K. is founded

161 MW shipped (cumulative from 2006-2009)
Monocrystalline efficiency: 14.8%
Polycrystalline efficiency: 14.2%
April: Upsolar America, Inc. is founded
September: Upsolar Greece is founded

Monocrystalline efficiency: 14.5%
Polycrystalline efficiency: 13.8%
June: Testing and Development Center is inaugurated
May: Upsolar Europe SAS is established in Paris

Monocrystalline efficiency: 14.1%
Polycrystalline efficiency: 13.4%

Company founded

Global Management Team

A company is only as good as its leaders—fortunately, ours are some of the best in the business. Upsolar’s seasoned management team has decades of collective experience in R&D, manufacturing, project development, sales and marketing with global organizations in the renewable energy and semiconductor industries. Although they are stationed across three different continents, our executives are connected by a shared commitment to delivering exceptional, personalized service and the highest quality products to our valued customers.

International Presence


Upsolar has established offices around the world to provide dynamic, on-site support for our global customers. We are continuously expanding our presence in both established and emerging solar markets, supported by more than 100 employees worldwide. For more information on our regional offices, please contact us.